2nd, 5-15-30 Minute Workout

You will need 1 kettlebell, 1 pair of dumbells, 1 yoga mat. Choose the right weight for you. 🟢Kettlebell Swings 🟢Fast Feet to Jumping Jacks 🟢Kettlebell Goblet Squat 🟢Fst Feet

1st 5-15-30 Minute Workout

You will need:1 pair dumbbells, jump rope, 1 kettlebell. Choose the appropriate weight for you. 🟢Reverse Lunge to Bicep Curls 🟢Jump Rope 🟢Lateral Lunge to Torso twist (alternate) 🟢Squat to

Cardio and Abs + Kettlebell Workout

18 Minute Workout. 45 sec ON, 15 Sec OFF 🟢Burpees to Push-ups 🟢Jackknifes ( ABS) 🟢Jump Rope 🟢Drop Squat to Ankle Touch 🟢L - Low Plank to Knee Crunch 🟢R

At Home Workout

  🟢25 KB Swings 🟢15 Back Rolls to candlestick to sit-up and shoulder press 🟢25 RDL 🟢15 SB Oblique Crunches per side (left and right) 🟢15 KB Swings to Cleans

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