18 Minute Workout. 45 sec ON, 15 Sec OFF

🟢Burpees to Push-ups

🟢Jackknifes ( ABS)

🟢Jump Rope

🟢Drop Squat to Ankle Touch

🟢L – Low Plank to Knee Crunch

🟢R – Low Plank to Knee Crunch

🟢1KB Swing to Clean to Press and Tricep Extensions

🟢SLA KB Swing,Clean, Press – R

🟢SLA KB Swing, Clean, Press – L

🟢Alternating KB Lateral Lunge

🟢Squat to SLA alternate – Clean to Twist and Press

🟢1 KB Swing: Russian, American, Russian, Squat to Front Raise

🟢Jump Rope


🟢Ice Skaters

🟢KB Russian Twists

🟢Jumping Jacks to Fast Feet

🟢BreakDancer KB – Kettlebell SLA – Single Arm