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7:30 minute Total Body Burner

7:30 minute Total Body Burner 30 sec ON, 15 OFF 🟢 Inclined mountain climbers 🟢 RB tricep extensions 🟢 Skaters 🟢 SB sit-ups to torso twists 🟢 Drop squats 🟢

At Home Workout

  🟢25 KB Swings 🟢15 Back Rolls to candlestick to sit-up and shoulder press 🟢25 RDL 🟢15 SB Oblique Crunches per side (left and right) 🟢15 KB Swings to Cleans

Rest Day!

 To reach your fitness goals , you need to train, but you also need rest. When you optimize the ratio of work to rest, you’ll reach your fitness goals faster.

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