I will do this workout for 15 days prior to our vacation to South Beach – the start day is today! You can do this too. After all, there are 168 hours in one week. YOU deserve this – Set aside 15 min for YOU.

All you need is a Jump Rope and a Bosu Ball. Proper workout clothing, water, even better an electrolyte drink.

If you are a beginner go slow and please talk with your physician about a workout program. Maybe you should do 5 days for 5 min, then the next 5 days you have to increase the time by 10 min. The last 5 days – again increase the time by 15 min. Once you master this – do it again for 15 Days for 15 min. if you can not do the Jump Rope, find some stairs in your house/maybe a STEPPER and replace the Jump Rope with Steps -ups.