After training for a while we tend to get into “auto” pilot mode.

Here are few pointers that you may need to re-focus on…or maybe didn’t know begin with.

Fuel the Fire:

While no one recommends the all you can eat buffet before a workout, some fuel is important to maximize your energy before, during and after a workout. Remember the 30/30 rule? This meas that 30 minute before a workou and 30 minute after make sure you have a protein shake 20-30 g per serving. This will minimize muscle loss.

Warm up:

Skipping a 5-10 minutes cardio session and jumping into heavy weights is a recipe for disaster …unless you enjoy rehab!


One of the benefits of exercise and working out is the ability to forget all of the “stuff” that we think about all day. In order for that to work though, you need to concentrate on your workout. How is your form, are you thinking about the flexion and extension of the muscle you are working on; how is your BREATHING? Start thinking about your workout on the way to gym (Ana’s place :)), not after you have started your workout.

Studies have shown strength, mass and flexibility are enhanced when the Eccentric (negative – lowering the weight) portion of the exercise gets as much attention as the Concentric (positive – lifting the weight). Try pausing at the top of the rep (Isometric) and take twice the time at the back end as the front…you control the weight not the weight controls you.

Keep Moving:

You just finished a hard set and you want to sit on the machine, floor for few minutes…DON’T DO IT! In addition to being bad gym/small studio etiquette this is the time to push yourself. Do some stretches, grab a jump rope, foam rolling :).

Don’t Forget:

We tend to gravitate to exercises that are easier and avoid the harder ones…the path of least resistance. The universe will not criticize you for not doing 3 sets of planks that your TRAINER suggested you do, but in the long run who benefits from the work…YOU do. Not only will you have more muscular balance by overall workouts but you will have much higher level of accomplishment.

Have a drink…of WATER! If you workout in the AM, hit the water when you get up before your workout (make sure it is alkaline water, I am using a supplement called ALKALETE – it is a pH enhancer – yes you can purchase it from me) . If you drink a lot of coffee you need more water. Alkalete helps me with reduction on lactic acid and inflammation. No more bloating or heart burn from the coffee as well. It’s very hard to be over-hydrated…too much is much better than not enough.


I know …easier said than done! Just like waking up at a specific time requires some planning so does getting to bed early enough to get what you need. Start small…getting to bed only 5 minutes earlier each week for 6 weeks will yield an extra 1/2 hour. For some, that can be a huge difference. If you use an alarm, set it for when TO GO to bed as well as get up.