Working out alone can be challenging sometimes. Working out with a partner makes the workout more enjoyable. Both can motivate each other and keep accountable.

In the video above here I am working out with my client, Monte and my other client is filming this – Gabriela, Thank you :). My example of this workout is a dumbbell renegade row to plank.

The dumbbell renegade row to plank it is an exercise that works your abs as effectively as the basic plank and engages and tones additional major muscles such as the upper back and shoulders.

Because it’s a multi-tasking workout, the renegade row is particularly useful when you are pressed with time.

By adding dynamic moves (rowing) to the plank exercise, you are able to intensify the static plank and get the results of a flat stomach, sculpted shoulders, and slender back faster than keeping at the plank hold. As an added bonus, this dynamic plank workout also targets your glutes and obliques, leaving almost no body part untouched.

It’s simply a well-performing, full-body toning workout anyone can do.

When most think of ab exercises and core workouts, they think of crunches and sit-ups. Although they both have a place in workouts and unique benefits that make them superior choices in certain situations, they are not the best at flattening your abs.

So what to do for a flat midsection?

Do full-body exercises such as the dumbbell renegade rows that command hard work from all your ab and core muscles and all the other major muscle groups in the body such as back, shoulders, and glutes.


Because uncovering all your fat layers in the midsection to show your true, slim abs requires a drop in the overall body fat percentage, and when it comes to burning fat and expending calories during and after your workout, there is nothing more superior than compound exercises (such as this rowing exercise) that target multiple major muscle groups at once.

Renegade Rows Targets Just About Every Part of Your Body

What makes this exercise great is its full-body engagement. It works various muscles throughout the back, including the mid and upper trapezius, lats, teres major/minor, and the rhomboids as well the biceps and the rear deltoids.

This move takes the rowing exercise to a new level by relying heavily on the core and abdominals to stabilize the torso and provide the body with balance. Unlike traditional one-arm rows, where you perform in a vertical sitting position on a bench or ball, dumbbell renegade rows are done fully-extended in a plank position.

This forces the abs, core, and glutes into deep, forceful, isometric contractions to support dynamic rowing movements without sacrificing balance, stability, and body alignment. The renegade rows also help create a slimmer waistline by working and toning your obliques with each successive twist and row.

While the renegade rows can be performed by beginners, note that it’s an intense, functional exercise that requires pre-existing core strength, balance, and flexibility. Giving the high degree of muscle engagement, you will feel your full-body body working and grasp for air just after a few rows.

If you are not looking to take inches off your body and sculpt just about every part of you, this is not for you. Other than that, it’s a great functional exercise well suited for weight loss, fat loss, body toning, and slim down.