5 Minute BOSU Cardio

Want to spice up your cardio workouts? Try the BOSU Balance trainer to increase intensity and challenge your heart rate and balance.

The BOSU Balance Trainer stands for “Both Sides Up” and is most often used for balance training, athletic drills and aerobic activities.

Here with this workout you are going to work: Quadriceps (Quads) and Glutes.

The Quads: are a group of four muscles on the front of the thigh.They allow your knee to straighten and provide stability when important muscle group for maintaining the ability to stand up and to walk.

The Glutes — are one of the strongest muscles in the body and are the connecting point between your legs and back muscles. The Glutes are used in a variety of actions from moving the leg to extending and rotating
the hip, as well as extending and rotating the trunk of the body.

Ana Burns

Ana Burns

Health and Fitness has been my passion. Back in the 80's in Romania I have been a competitive runner (1500 m and 3000 m). In 2008 i got enrolled in the Personal Training program with NPTI - National Personal Training Institute, day class. This is a great opportunity to get in shape and see the results of this training techniques on your own body!

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